Here’s to a delicious, typical German summer treat. We love our afternoon coffee break and we love our Italian ice cream cafés on hot summer days. And we love Eiskaffee.

I have honestly always assumed that Eiskaffee was an Italian invention of modern times. Turns out that the first written documentation of an iced coffee dates to 1848 where L. F. Jungius, the royal cook for the Prussian King describes iced coffee as a very fashionable, new drink in his gastronomical encyclopedia. This was more like the “caffè freddo” or “café con hielo”, iced coffee served on ice cubes, as is common in Italy and Spain (and America).

German Eiskaffee is served over vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream. Mary Hahn provided a recipe in her illustrated cookbook dated 1912. It’s a simple treat to make at home bringing back memories of afternoon hours spent at the beautiful market place in Ludwigsburg with family and friends. 

  • cold coffee
  • vanilla ice cream or preferably gelato 
  • heavy whipping cream
  • sugar to taste
  • unsweetened cocoa powder

To make the Eiskaffee, brew a pot of strong coffee and let it cool completely. Whip the cream with a little sugar to lightly sweeten to taste. Scoop some gelato into tall glasses, pour the cold coffee over top and finish with the whipped cream. Dust with cocoa powder and serve immediately. 


download and print recipe