I have been so quiet! Almost as if I was done writing this blog... as if I gave it up, moved on, shut the door, quit. Hmm, no... Well partially... Butterbrot turned one year old on March 15th and I had many plans and ideas for recipes to write about. But then another huge idea suddenly took shape and I became more busy than ever. Butterbrot is going home! B. and I have talked about it forever. We have been in Seattle for 7 years this time around. We originally met in Seattle, then moved to Germany, then moved back to Seattle and now to Germany again. Crazy! I know! But I guess that is just what it took to finally know that we want to live in Germany even though Seattle is a pretty special place and there is much that we will miss. 

Moving overseas is a full time job! Sell the house. Sell the stuff. Pack the other stuff and send it away by boat (and think really hard about which stuff gets sold or given away and what goes on that boat). Arrange to move the dog and the guinea pigs and the humans. Find a new place to live and new schools and jobs and so on. That’s a lot! But for us it also meant that we  finally had to finish the biggest project we had ever tackled together. The house rescue. 

We bought our Queen Anne home in 2010. It was the only house we could find. The only house we could afford! And we were pretty fearless. It was built in 1910. It was nothing but peeling paint and stained carpet. 60+ years of neglect. It had been subdivided into 3 apartments and the original front porch had been converted into an ugly mess. There were 12 gas leaks in the basement and layers upon layers of carpet, linoleum and plywood covering all of the original floors. But underneath all that was a beautiful home. We had no idea it would take us 5 years to rescue this house and most of our money went inside the walls and the earth. New wiring. New plumbing. Nice to know these things are updated and in perfect working order but pretty boring to look at. In the end we just had to clean up what had been started so that someone else would be able to see the beauty of the home instead of all the work that still needs to be done to it. 

I’m not sad to leave this house. I am proud that we have made it what it is. And I hope that it will continue to be filled with light, beauty and happiness. So I am not shutting any doors. I am just opening new ones.